I learned a new skill

Hello everyone!

Well, a few days back, I bought myself a little gift.

I've been following Gertie's blog for quite some time, and I was delighted to know she had a book coming out. I luckily had an amazon gift card, and snatched up a copy!

If you love vintage, slow-sewing, new techniques, SEWING pick this book up. Go, right now. I'll wait right here.
One of my fall confidence boosting goals is to make myself clothes I'll feel happy in.

I tested my 'If I make it, I'll feel better' theory on Friday when I was out and about with my mom while wearing my circle skirt
I got loads of compliments on my skirt, on my hair, on my general outfit. People let me pass by, people held doors open for me, etc. I smiled more, and I felt FANTASTIC!

So my next item on the sewing block is a blouse from Gertie's book. One of the points on the blouse are bound buttonholes, which I've only attempted to sew once, and utterly failed at. After some pep-talk from my mom, I flipped trough some books, and raged at youtube tutorials.

I think I did a pretty damn good job. My mom likes it, so I think I'll be ready to trace my pattern, and stitch up the muslin!

Do any of you have Gertie's book? If so, what projects are you looking to sew in it?
Have any of you learned any new skills in your crafts?

Oh, would any of you care to see my progress on the blouse I make?

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