Spinning in circles

Well, I finished my circle skirt.
I made it in an evening, and I love it to bits and pieces.
After I agonized for a while, I decided the best way for you all to see it would be on me.
Why did I agonize? I've got the weirdest self-esteem ever. I'm perfectly content with slaving over a costume to wear to a convention, and have a bunch of photos taken of me, but when it comes to 'normal' photos, I'm suddenly shy. It's the strangest thing ever.

I have on my 2012 goals list 'Increase my self-confidence' Well, where better a place to do so than on my blog? A friend of mine said I seem to be more confident in things of my own making, so there's a start. I have an excuse to make more cute clothes for myself, and possibly show off some of my costumes from this years convention!

Well, without further ado, my circle skirt.

Okay, I'll get better photos of it when I find a nicer blouse, but excited, and quite content with this one so-far.

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