Bright Colors

I've only just realized I haven't shared any Works in Progress with you all in a good while. Oops! I think I get into the rush of 'hurry and finish it, so someone can smile' I just don't think about taking time to show how everything goes together.

Well, I decided to do that today.

Stack of colors

I'm making another quick gift project! =D And I'm using my favorite crochet pieces, granny squares.

Bright Colors

I really like how the colors are nice and bright, looking at them make me smile so much.

I was originally quite skeptical as to how they'd look together, but I threw caution to the wind, and went with it. I love the combo!

Forming the square

Now I've got to make all the squares again. Yay! I really like making granny squares. In a future post, I'll show the squares I added to the 'collection' I started here.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

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