Works in progress

Well, it's officially summer now! I am excited. Did anyone do anything special yesterday?
I did garden work, and did a bit of crocheting and knitting.

When I first figured how to make granny squares, I found it very relaxing, and a good way to use up scraps. I picked up making more of them these past couple of days, while digging through small leftovers from past projects.

Granny Squares

I'm not sure what I'll do with them once I get a sizable number. Maybe a purse? Maybe even a nice blanket once winter rolls around again.

I got a random idea at about 2 this morning to make an amigurumi. I doodled the design, and got to here.

WIP Amigurumi

I still need to work on it, and figure how I'll do a couple parts. I'll try to keep you updated.

Gryffindor WristWarmer

Harry. Potter. Wristwarmers. Enough said. I'll be knitting these up all the rest of my summer, I think. xD All of the houses, both styles. Fun times man.

And finally, I set this out last night to work on, but got distracted with Game of Thrones.
WIP Deer Headband

More Deer Headbands! :3 I intend to have at least four before I put them in the shop.

And another WIP, this blog. It's a constant WIP, and I need more motivation to work on it. Hopefully it'll strike soon, and not at 4am when I should be asleep.

Do any of you have some awesome WIPs? How are your summers so far?

Take care, and, happy crafting.


  1. Granny Squares are so adorable! I love granny square afghans! I'm almost tempted to learn to crochet to make one!

  2. I'm working on a granny square purse right now! I'd love to make a blanket one day because like you said, the squares are relaxing and satisfying to make. It's just the idea of weaving in all of the ends that stops me.


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