Making things for 2014

Hello everyone!
 It seems to be this year is the year of 'making a nice wardrobe for yourself.' Tasha is making her wardrobe work for her. Rochelle is setting up a 12 pattern challenge. The lovely ladies at Colette Patterns are doing a wardrobe architect.
 I'm just filling my closet with things I know would make me very happy. I've been considering a complete wardrobe revamp, but I don't have anywhere near the kind of money it would take to make that possible. So, the next best thing for me is to put my sewing skills to use.

 In 2012, I decided to keep a little sewing journal as I was inspired by Katies journal.

 I keep track of things I've made, what fabric I've used, the patterns, any special modifications I've done, etc.
 It's really great, especially if I want to re make patterns, I can know what works and what didn't. Of course this little book will be getting a bit of a workout this year.
Here's a list of things I'd like to make in 2014
4 Blouses
3 Skirts
2 Trousers
4 Dresses
2 Lounge outfits
1 Jacket
1 Purse
1 Hat

The hat was added on recently, and I'm sure this list will go through a lot of changes during the year.

I'll be kicking this little self imposed challenge off with two patterns I bought from Janey's etsy shop last year.

I've made a muslin on the McCalls 6413 pattern, and it fits very well! Just a few minor adjustments, and when I find the perfect fabric, I'll have the cute blouse from that pattern.

This Advance 9925 pattern will be my dress for Dapper Day!  I'll be making a pair of gloves, and maybe a cute little stole to wear along with it. I've traced the pattern (and one for a friend, we plan to have a little sew along between our selves at somepoint in the year), and have muslin sitting aside ready to be worked on.

I'm excited to share the things I'll be making with you all!!

Are any of you doing any sewing challenges this year?

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