Zoo Adventures

Last Thursday I decided to take a bit of 'me' time, and visit our fantastic zoo. It's one of my favorite places to go, and I decided to share a few photos with you. Maybe one day, I'll do a proper zoo 'tour' for you all.

Before getting to the zoo, I bussed over to Balboa Park and stopped at the rose garden for a bit. It was great to see all the beautiful flowers in bloom.

Here's a bit of the architecture of Balboa Park. I've forgotten which building this is, sadly. (shame on me)

One of the first sights you see upon entering the zoo, (Ack, sorry for not taking a picture of the 'World Famous sign' I was too busy skipping to the entrance)are the flamingos. Well, you usually smell them before anything else.

I finally got to see the baby hippo! Well, sort of. People kept crowding the glass, making it difficult, but, her mother was teaching her to swim, and it was the most adorable thing ever.

Skipping along some, to our Elephant exhibit. Which gives me some serious Jurassic Park vibes.

Every time my sister and I go to the exhibit, we hum the theme song. xD

Every time the lions are out, it's always difficult to get a good shot of them. Some lady kept her baby's stroller in the direct line of the lions sight, despite me saying 'excuse me' multiple times =\ Ah well, next time.

Hello there gorgeous male lion. With your fluffy mane. ; w;

Moving along in my adventure, I came across some Gerenuk practicing head-butting. I seriously stood and watched them for about 5 minutes.

Then the little DikDik wanted to get in on the action, and elicited a very loud 'AWWW' from me.

I took a few more photos, but as it was a very bright day, the sun washed them out. Time to read my camera manual...again.

Have any of you been to your local zoo lately?

Sorry for being quiet, Final's are slowly creeping up on me ><

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

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