Carla Carla quite contrary...

Meh, doesn't have the same ring to it.
Hello lovely readers! How are you? I'm still in the planning stages of blog giveaways and other things (mostly school, and making costumes). It's my Spring Break, so I've decided to beautify things during my week of freedom.
One of the things I've been planning to beautify, and I'm finally getting to is the old rose bed in front of our house.

My grandparents cleaned it out a bit, but I've been in there cleaning out piles of dead grass, screeching at spiders and pincher bugs, and whining at my grandpa to help get the entangled mass of grass out of the rose bushes I want to keep.

I'm planning to turn it to a pretty flower bed to bring a bit of color to the front of our house.


I might use all of these. I might not due to spacing. But here is what you could see me 'Ooo-ing' and 'Ahh-ing' over in the next few weeks. I really want to see the Narcissus growing. :)

And because I couldn't find my old gardening gloves, I bought a new pair.


They've got hedgehogs! Aren't these the most adorable gardening gloves you've ever seen? I had to buy a children's pair, because the womens gloves fit me weird, and the mens gloves enveloped my hands to where it was quite comical.

Are any of you plotting to garden this spring? Or do you already have an established garden?

I'll be up at a friends for a couple days, and if I remember, I'll maybe make a blog post while up there. :3

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


  1. OMG!!! Hedgehogs! Where did you get the gloves!? I have to know :D

  2. those hedgehog gloves are amazing! i would love to dig around with those cuties on! i need to go pick up some seeds and maybe try out again...strawberries!!

    happy planting!


  3. The gloves are too darned cute! I wish spring was here where I am but it seems to still be quite icky.


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