Staring at pretty things.

On the 13th, I visited near-by Balboa Park to do some walking, and observing lovely things.

I did a good bit of walking, and stopped in a small garden, where it was obvious they were waiting till spring has sprung to pull out the larger flowers.

One of the reasons I adore Balboa Park so much, the architecture. As San Diego was host to the 1915 Panama Exposition, and the 1935 California Pacific Exposition, a great majority of the buildings used during that time are left over. Many converted to museums.

Botanical Gardens
If any of you have a postcard from a friend in San Diego, chances are you have one of this beauty. It's the lovely Botanical Gardens! But sadly, it's closed on Thursdays, so next time I go, I'll get photos from the inside.

I even had some time to get some crocheting done while I waited for my grandma to pick me up. Quite a few tourists stopped and stared in wonder. One lady complemented me for taking up 'a forgotten art.' I told her I do it because I love to, and it makes me happy. That made her smile, and it made my afternoon.

Have any of you visted anywhere nice lately? Take any photos? =o

Take care, and Happy crafting!


  1. Oooh, lovely pictures! I wish I could say I've been pretty places - I've been cooped up, probably for the next five weeks of school =-=

    The fire alarm went off at around seven in the morning Friday, and when we all stepped out of the apartment building, the woods nearby were gorgeous. If only I had grabbed my camera!

  2. Looks like a nice day you had. I alaways have people asking me questions when I crochet in public.


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