Lions and Fair Isle~

Hello all! I'm back~ =D
Miss me? -listens to crickets chirp-....

Anywhozle, I've been working off an on with little things to fling on the blog, as well as being social, and wanting to rage over schooling situations.

But enough about that, you're all here to see the cute things I make xD.

Little Lion
This is Griever. I made him for my friend's Squall cosplay (from the video game Final Fantasy 8 to those unfamiliar)
He was fun to crochet up. I just went on with my own little 'pattern' I vaguely scribbled out on a business card. In a few hours, I was finished :3

Little Lion
He's so cute ;; and my friend has already expressed great joy about him. I can't wait till she gets him and takes pics :3

I've also been busy with a few other things. Making 'just because' gifts for my friends who've been super supportive of me. Hopefully, I'll photograph their gifts before I give them out. I think all of them are getting some sort of amigurumi xD!

And as the weather has been getting colder, I've been thinking of a new pair of wristwarmers to keep my hands warm. So I thought of a fair isle patterned pair.

Stranded knitting sample
Just a simple stranded pattern I might incorporate into the warmers. The colors blue and brown looks quite nice together, I think.

So how have you all been? Learn any new techniques? Do anything awesome?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


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