Little bits of progress

Lately I've been in strange craft ruts. Some days, I'll work on something, and others I'll stare at the WIP across the room. I'll look up some mindless crafts to do on raverly, or ask my friends for input.
I've been looking for inspirational photos of things to shove in my 'lovely things' folder, and came across Blythe dolls wearing these quirky little hats called 'Pixie Hats' (I want a Blythe, but interestingly enough, I can only stand them if they have bangs. Otherwise, they sorta freak me out.)

After staring at a few photos, I figured how to construct one, and I pulled out my test subject; my BJD, Cupcake. After an episode of Supernatural, I had one. A few episodes later, I had two more. I'm working on more, they're a super mindless thing to knit or crochet, and when I make them in more sizes, I might offer them in the shop for other BJD owners! /doll chick talk.

Little Bits of progress

There are the three I have now(two orange, one rust). I should have better photos tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who offered input for the sock pattern I should try. I'm still trying to figure out a nice one for me.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting!


  1. don't you hate those periods of crafty heebie-jeebies? i know just what you mean, the restlessness. good luck on the socks....socks are such fun to make.


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