You guys, I modded This pattern a little bit, and came up with a Narwhal. I'm so stupidly excited over this, it's hilarious.

Narwhal by ~Lorthide on deviantART

(that's my deviant art account, btw. I have some of my cosplay photos on there, in case any of you were interested in seeing them =3 )


  1. That is pretty cute! I need to sew a plush narwhal for my floor sometime next week... Gotta get on that!

  2. as I said on twitter :) love it!! Actually maybe I didn't say that, but I sure meant it :)

  3. Alyoops- Thanks!! =o!! YESSS! Do it, can't wait to see it.

    Steph- Oh I know hun! <3 Thank you~


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