What's on my needles?

Hello all! School is finally out, and I am back from FanimeCon! Ya know what that means? working on cosplay for Anime Expo and SDCC More knitting!! =D

I was up at my usual...eh, 1am, looking on Raverly, and I came across an adorable new patterm from MondayMorningKnits(melissamonday on Raverly) It is the 'Bloom Couture Knit Headband' I instantly D'awwed over it, and started knitting a headband for my little sister.

I think she'll enjoy it, once I'm finished... granted I don't keep it for myself. It's too cute! ; ~;

I have a friend's Pullip coming to visit me soon, so I decided to take a stab at making a cute little beret, using the 'Écolière Beret' pattern from Parasoldoll (keyinherpocket on Raverly)

I've also been slowly working on a cosplay piece; Martha Jones' hat from the Doctor Who Episode, Human Nature. I'm sure when I finish it, I'll wear it pretty much everywhere XD

It looks like a purple pancake >__>

And finally, some FO's. I've been making these little knitted hair bows like crazy as of late.

They're so fun to knit, and people seem to enjoy them. I made one for my penpal Bianca, which She blogged about.
SO I think I'll go ahead and take commissions on them, and sell the two above. They will be $15 USD+shipping. Shoot me an email at okamishoujo[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested.

Take care, and happy crafting!



  1. You're welcome for the link. I would have it on the side of my blog but the silly wordpress won't let me. Anyways, few things, those bows are gorgeous! And loving all your WIPs. I have yet to see the Dr Who episode with Martha Jone's hat (have started watching from the beginning of Christopher Eccleston and up to David Tennant + Rose). Anyways, I like the idea of cosplay, just don't know how to get into it.

  2. Thank you Steph! =D!! Cosplay is very fun, and is actually easy to get into, could always check out cosplay.com =3

  3. I love Dr. Who! Well, not loving this new doctor as much... but still I'm concocting this plan to replicate Amy's scarf from vampires of Venice.

  4. =D!! Yay another Doctor Who fan! Meh, Mr Smith is growing on me, slowly. -claps- Once you find out, let me know! I want to make that scarf as well =3


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