About Me

The Blog
This is a personal vintage blog. The posts consist of my love of vintage lifestyle and fashion.

I write about knitting, sewing, events, and crafting all with a vintage twist, or inspiration.

The Blogger
Hello there, I'm Carla. This blog began as a vehicle for my crafting etsy, and as such was quite difficult to maintain on a regular basis. I finally got over a silly fear, and finally began to blog about what I really love early in 2014.

When I was a young girl, my love of vintage things started with my grandfather and I watching movies on Turner Classic Movies together. My mother constantly played various R&B musicians of the 1950's and 1960's, and my grandmother would always share family photos of the past.
Getting older, I'd prefer the oldies stations, and old sitcom shows of the past century, and to this day, while I love a lot of modern things, the vintage touches which were through out my childhood continued to stick with me.
So I hope you enjoy this blogging journey we will be on together!