2019 making plans

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Hello and happy 2019!

I'm here to bring you some sewing plans I am hoping to keep up with for once. I'm looking at some of the gaps in my wardrobe, and figuring how to fill them. I figure this would be much more simple than throwing out an arbitrary number of items or patterns, and feeling stressed out while thinking about them. Sewing for me is fun, I want it to eventually be my job, I mean I got my degree in it for a reason.


1940s, 1950s, vintage sewing patterns

Here are some basic blouses I can probably do in my sleep. I need fun collars and monograms galore.


1940s, 1950s, vintage sewing patterns

I just need more skirts and nice fitting trousers in my life.


One day on Instagram, Jennifer of TheVintageSmalls posted this coat in her stories. I quickly screenshot it, and spent the next day drafting it. SO I will be making this beauty, which I'll blog about in depth soon.


1940s, 1950s, vintage sewing patterns

I need lingerie in my life, and damn it all I'm going to make myself some this year! As well as some swimwear, hopefully I will learn to swim this year, so I should at least look cute while doing so.


1940s, knitting, knitting patterns

I also plan do add some vintage knitting in here. I intend to knit or crochet at least two sweaters this year, and to make a plethora of accessories.

If I plan it out right, I'll be sewing at least one garment a month, which is manageable.

What's on your work table for this year?
Any knitting and crochet plans?

What's on your to-buy list?

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