Sewing plans for 2018

Hello all, I'm back with another self-imposed sewing challenge.

As I've been falling in love with the 30s more and more, I've decided to fill my closet with cute and practical things to wear from that era. I've come up with 12 items (originally planned to be made one a month...yet here we are in May) to create this year. Hopefully they will be planned so each one will be a seasonally appropriate outfit.

1. The Miss Depew Skirt
Now this should be interesting It's based on the Lutterloh style; which has you work a ruler over measurements on a tiny sketch of the pattern you're to make, to draw a pattern to fit you. I'm always game to try something new, so hopefully this won't be too nerve-wracking with my vastly different waist to hip ratio.

2 The Nanette Blouse
This little cutie from Wearing History will be something to add some happiness on a rainy day. I fell in love with the sleeves on it, they'll be so fun!

3 Lingerie
I am in need of some pretty pretty in my lingerie drawer. And it's starting to be a bit annoying looking for full slips, which I regularly wear under my dresses.

4. Hats
Yes, I have a lot of nice pre-made hats, but I need about 100 more berets and other 30s-styled ones. I mean come on!

5. Coats
I only have one coat and it's something I regularly steal from my grandma. I get grossly cold a lot, so I should give this a little try. A bit of hip grading will be needed, so I'm probably gonna buy a bolt of muslin.

6. Blouses
I need more blouses in general, especially long sleeved ones. I tend to suffer and layer in winter.

7. Slacks and Shorts
Let's be honest, I live in jeans 70% of the time, and I loathe shaving my legs. Slacks are perfect for me, and I might make a rainbow of them. I also need shorts, which I have a good pattern for.

8. Dresses
I think I'll try the Tea for Two pattern again, it was super fun, and I wanna make it on some good solids. I might attempt something else in this pile as well.

9. Beach Pyjamas
They are super comfortable and I need 100 more. I will try to figure how to make it easier to, well, go to the restroom.

10. Swim Suit
I have an older OhhhLulu pattern that is suitable for a swimsuit, as well as a newly acquired vintage one, and this adorable stretch fabric a friend in the UK sent me a couple years back.

11. Scarf-Blouse
I've seen some of these in 30's magazines, and I wanna take a stab at it myself, I just gotta find a big enough scarf.

12. Lounge wear
I am a creature of leisure, and I love to lounge about when I can. So a nice couple of lounge suits would be perfect for me.

And that's it! So-far I've made another set of Beach Pyjamas, and that's it for now, I'll be creating more lovelies and sharing them up on the blog soon!
What are you currently working on? Do you have a seasonally appropriate wardrobe?

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