Winter/Spring 2017 wardrobe plans

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The last thing I sewed and loved was my graduation suit.
I was hit with a terrible sewing block. Some days I would start a project, and immediately hate the direction it was going in. Some days I would finish a project, only to find it didn't fit, despite sewing with the pattern a couple of times. I doubted myself many many times. (Even to the point of screeching the 'Years of Academy training, wasted' line from Toy Story.)

After Dapper Day, I tried to make a wearable muslin from a new pattern I purchased. I loved it. I drafted a small pattern for tap pants, then sewed up a wearable muslin. I loved it. I made a basic black skirt, which I still have to hem. I love it. It fits. I'm happy.

I showed my mother and grandmother the wearable muslin, and they adored it, which gave me a huge confidence boost. I told my mom about my sewing block, and she gave me some motherly encouraging words and told me 'go slow, baby'. I now put this on post-it notes, and place them on my sewing machine.

With this newly found confidence, I set on working on my Winter/Spring 2017 wardrobe.

Now, I put myself on a self-imposed dress buying ban. I get this weird mindset after I purchase dresses. “I need a certain outing to be at to wear it, otherwise it's useless,” or some nonsense my brain makes up.
To counter that, I've been thrifting more separates, and have some patterns in place to sew some as well.
But, I can sew dresses. I usually have a certain idea when I sew a dress about where it will be worn. If I make some basic dresses, I will more than likely wear them more.

Here are the tentative ideas about what I intend to create this winter and spring.

TinyAngryCrafts, vintage patterns, vintage wardrobe, 1930s, 1940s

Some of the patterns I want to use, but didn't photograph are:
VeraVenus' Circular Knickers
Wearing History's 1930'sstep-ins
OhhhLulu's Jasmine Bra
Self-drafted hat patterns
Self-drafted skirts

I'm still unsure of the actual colors I'd like to use, but I know I want/have already created some things which are celadon green, so I can go from there. (grey, pink, navy blue?)

So, I think I have a nice little starter wardrobe which I can mix and match for these next few months. And I can work on new skills with making lingerie. Ya know, as one does.

Do any of you have wardrobe making plans?
Have you put yourself on any purchasing bans for certain items?
What are you most excited in seeing me create?

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