A little WIP of a hat

So I bought a fancy planner and ignored it for almost three weeks. I felt a sense of overwhelming dread due to personal reasons, and other things in my life.
A friend asked how my hat was going. My hat. That's a simple nice not overwhelming project I can work on.

TinyAngryCrafts 1940s tilt topper

I am so happy I took millinery classes last year. Hat making is such an awesome skill, and because I love hand sewing, calming for me.

TinyAngryCrafts 1940s tilt topper

I might use this fabric for the hat, I am not sure. I believe a friend gave it to me when I started my first millinery class.

TinyAngryCrafts 1940s tilt topper

The tip is sewn to the hat body, and is about to be covered with crinoline to make everything nice and smooth. With this constantly rainy weather we've been having, it's nice to make something to wear when it's not a downpour out. Something of a motivator to keep smiling in bad weather?

Have any of you made a hat?
Do you have any hat plans for this coming season?

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