Little treasures from Ortwine

Sometime there are little family owned shops which haven't changed in ages.

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases

This was the case of Ortwine Hardware. A little 'hidden gem' close to my neighborhood, this store finally closed after 70+ years of business. On December 30th, a couple friends and myself went to the shop and made some purchases.

Now I can hear you ask, 'Carla, why are you purchasing things at a hardware store?' Oh but gentle reader, Ortwine was more than a hardware store. It was part of the True Value family. Now, back in the day, True Values carried basically everything a general store did, save for food. So your hardware, fishing poles and accessories, kitchen supplies, envelopes, fabric and notions. Yes, you read correct, fabric and notions.

The back of the store held a treasure trove that the sewing version of Indiana Jones would swoon over. And it seemed to be trapped in a little dusty(very dusty) time capsule. There were novelty prints, an entire table of Christmas fabrics, knitting needles, drawers of silk buttonhole twist, yarn as far as the eye could see, and many many notions.

I tried to be good. Really I did.  

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases, vintage fabric

Got a couple really cute printed fabrics. I can see the yellow being a nice summer dress.

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases, metal zippers

I could have really gotten myself in trouble with all these zippers. I mean, come on, they're metal.

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases, vintage knitting needles

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases

The little spool is silk buttonhole twist. I'm kicking myself for not getting more.

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases, buttonhole maker, pleat maker

Around this time, the clouds were coming back in to pour more rain. But a pleat maker, and a buttonhole maker. Little things to help speed processes along.

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases, dress shields

Dress shields. but for a cap sleeve garment. I'll figure them out, I intend to make more. 

TinyAngryCrafts, notions purchases, hairnets

I love the Jac-o-net typography. I just wish my hair were grey or white.

It is a terribly sad thing when a long time small business closes. My grandfather would go there to get his tools for around the house, my mom would get little knick-knacks, my grandmother and my father would go and get keys re-sharpened. Its the little things that can bring a community together like a common one-stop shop.

I hope who ever buys the place does more upkeep, and can keep some of the old stock to sell. Or keeps the same type of family owned quaintness. Either way, I wish the family much luck in their endevours, it felt good to help a small business one last time.

Have any of you experienced an old-fashioned True Value?
What are some notions you've purchased lately?
Do you have a favorite family owned business near by?

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