9 tips to survive Dapper Day

9 ways to survive Dapper Day

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The 7th anniversary of Dapper Day is coming up, and I'm hoping to attend. I've learned some tips from the past few times I attended, so I figured I'd share them with you.

1. Pack smartly.
- If carrying a purse, try not to let it get super heavy.
-Ask a friend to carry things for you.
-Utilize the locker services if you're there a long time.
-Consider bringing a portable charger for your phone.

2. Check the weather report.
-bring sunscreen and water.
-carry a small cardigan.
-bring or buy a parasol or umbrella.

3. Bring your camera and take photos!
-Trust me, you'll feel a million times better. After picking out your amazing outfit and seeing everyone else dressed similarly, you'll want to remember this day!!

4. Be friendly!
-goes without saying, a smile can take you a long way.
-use social media to network with other people.
-compliment other peoples’ outfits.

5. Plan accordingly
-ride the rides you want to get on, be prepared to wait a good while; use fast-pass when you can!
-if with a group of people, schedule certain times to check-in with each other.

6. Be prepared for possible wardrobe malfunctions
-carry a small sewing kit with you.
-If not wearing 'true vintage' carry a small bleach pen with you.

7. Wear comfy shoes
-You'll be walking around the Disney parks A LOT, you'll thank me later.

8. Check out the Dapper Day Expo*!
-If you can’t actually get into the parks, or you are doing the 'twilight ticket' you can check out the FREE expo. Make some awesome purchases from the oodles of vendors selling vintage clothing and accessories there. Who knows, you might want to make a wardrobe change or two.
*The Expo is only available at the Disneyland CA parks.

9. Have Fun!!
-You're in a lovely vintage outfit at The Happiest Place on Earth. How could the day get any better?

Have any of you been to Dapper Day?
Are there any other tips you'd suggest?

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  1. I have not been to Dapper Day, although I'd love to do it at some point - it sounds like a lot of fun! Great advice for any travel day, really.


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