12 Vintage Instagrammers you should be following

Since our world is plagued with listicals that just anyone can scribble up, I will contribute in my own way.

Here are some vintage loving instagrammers I believe you should be following.

1. @lifeofavintagegiraffe

Zoe is an absolutely adorable gal who lives in London. I can't wait to follow more of her adventures.

2. @jennyrieu

Jenny is a wonderful curvy model from France who lives and works in LA.

3. @retro_alina
A photo posted by Alina George (@retro_alina) on

Alina is a Maryland-based vintage dresser who is a dancer, and a little bit of a nerd.

4. @adria.renee

Ok, I actually know Adria IRL. She's a fellow cosplay friend and seamstress, who modeled for me in my senior show. She's made of actual sunshine you guys.

5. @rockinzena

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Zena is a LA based seamstress who is absolutely lovely! And her clothing is totally enviable!

6. @redvelvetlola

A photo posted by Velvet Wren (@redvelvetlola) on

Velvet is a Mississippi based gal who loves the 30's-50's.

7. @esperancitaaa

Esperanza is an absolute darling who's from LA. She's one of the gals in the Iconic Pachuca Looks video.

8. @ladyeccentrikb

Lady Eccentrik is a sweet gal from Jamacia who looks like she stepped out of a 50's photoshoot.

9. @theblackpinup

Angelique Noire is an internationally published model, and real estate agent in LA.

10. @dandywellington

Dandy is the coolest brotha in showbiz. He's a New York based bandleader and performer. I not so secretly wish he'd make an appearance in San Diego...

11. @electric_hanako
A photo posted by Hanako (@electric_hanako) on

Hanako is a 30's style seamstress from Japan.

12. @barriodandy

A photo posted by J.C. De Luna (@barriodandy) on

J.C. De Luna is an LA based accessory designer and stylist.


Some of these people I've recently started following, so my descriptions for them are piddly, but let their lovely images speak for themselves.
As a person of color, I wanted to include a bit more diverse group of vintage enthusiasts that are deserving of your follows.

Are there any instagrammers you're loving lately?

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