12 Vintage Instagrammers you should be following

Since our world is plagued with listicals that just anyone can scribble up, I will contribute in my own way.

Here are some vintage loving instagrammers I believe you should be following.

1. @lifeofavintagegiraffe

Zoe is an absolutely adorable gal who lives in London. I can't wait to follow more of her adventures.

2. @jennyrieu

Jenny is a wonderful curvy model from France who lives and works in LA.

3. @retro_alina
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Alina is a Maryland-based vintage dresser who is a dancer, and a little bit of a nerd.

4. @adria.renee

Ok, I actually know Adria IRL. She's a fellow cosplay friend and seamstress, who modeled for me in my senior show. She's made of actual sunshine you guys.

5. @rockinzena

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Zena is a LA based seamstress who is absolutely lovely! And her clothing is totally enviable!

6. @redvelvetlola

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Velvet is a Mississippi based gal who loves the 30's-50's.

7. @esperancitaaa

Esperanza is an absolute darling who's from LA. She's one of the gals in the Iconic Pachuca Looks video.

8. @ladyeccentrikb

Lady Eccentrik is a sweet gal from Jamacia who looks like she stepped out of a 50's photoshoot.

9. @theblackpinup

Angelique Noire is an internationally published model, and real estate agent in LA.

10. @dandywellington

Dandy is the coolest brotha in showbiz. He's a New York based bandleader and performer. I not so secretly wish he'd make an appearance in San Diego...

11. @electric_hanako
A photo posted by Hanako (@electric_hanako) on

Hanako is a 30's style seamstress from Japan.

12. @barriodandy

A photo posted by J.C. De Luna (@barriodandy) on

J.C. De Luna is an LA based accessory designer and stylist.


Some of these people I've recently started following, so my descriptions for them are piddly, but let their lovely images speak for themselves.
As a person of color, I wanted to include a bit more diverse group of vintage enthusiasts that are deserving of your follows.

Are there any instagrammers you're loving lately?

Thrifting Tips

tinyangrycrafts, thrifting tips, vintage fashion

Often I get asked by my friends where I get my vintage; according to one “How are you such a thrifting queen?!”
Now, I don't think I'm a 'thrifting queen', I just get lucky sometimes. I've cultivated a lot of skills over the years and, because I love to share and help people, here are some tips I use when I'm out thrifting and searching for vintage.

Utilize technology.
Thankfully, in this age of technology, we can do a quick internet search for anything we want to look for. Sometimes just searching 'thrift store' and your area can come up with some new places to check out. There is also the site The Thrift Shopper
 which is a thrift store directory!

You can also check the Vintage Fashion Guild's Label Resource for some 'brand name' vintage garments to see how prices online compare to those in the shop.

Have an idea of what you're looking for.
I use Evernote to make a list of items I'm on the lookout for. Usually it'll be something simple; such as cardigans. This is my last list from my trip to the San Diego Costumers Guild.

tinyangrycrafts, thrifting tips, how to thrift

But you can also make a general list of things you’re hoping to find with pen and paper, and put it in your bag.

Don't be afraid to rummage.
Something my mom taught me, you'll find some amazing things if you take your time and dig for them. I once found some nice deadstock stockings in a box of belts at a sidewalk sale!

Ask questions.
Of course, this depends on where you are, but sometimes just a 'hey, do you have any more of these?' can yield a nice response. Once in an antique mall, I asked if there were any more magazines, and the booth owner moved a box aside to reveal a plethora of knitting magazines; nothing I was looking for, but I was gracious she showed me.

tinyangrycrafts, thrifting tips, how to thrift

Check the seams and armpits.
Nothing like getting something super lovely, only to notice the armpits are completely stained, and the shoulder seams busted open. Now, these can sometimes be cleaned, depending on what you purchased/the fiber content. Also, sometimes, if a tag doesn't say 'as-is', you can possibly ask for a small discount.

Keep a little cleaning kit in your purse.
Now, searching for vintage treasures can be a bit messy. Dust, jacket collars covered with hair...sticky candy still in the pockets (Yes, this happened once), are among the unpleasantries you’re likely to encounter. I have some hand sanitizer in my purse if there's no bathroom, and some lotion to keep my hands nice and soft. Baby wipes are also a very good idea.

Sometimes the garment just needs a belt to bring it all together, or a popped seam needs a safety pin.
If you can't change, or don't have the correct undergarments, then a tape measure will be your best friend. Keep your measurements written down, and also have them halved.

Don't wear makeup.
Rather, don't wear a full face without it being properly sealed. I've seen makeup smears on contemporary clothing when I'm out shopping with my sister, and it's so saddening. I try to just keep a light translucent powder and maybe my brows done, but if I do have a full face of makeup on, I have a secret weapon. I keep a scarf in or on my purse. When in the dressing room, I'll tie the scarf on my head, then try the garment on. Any transfers happen on the scarf, and the clothes are left clean.

According to my grandma, department stores used to keep scarves in dressing rooms for that very problem!

Know the difference between a thrift store, second hand store, vintage boutique, and antique mall.
I know I titled this with thrifting tips, but there is a difference between the various places you can shop.
Thrift stores and second hand stores have no specialization of eras, and tend to be very affordable.
Vintage Boutiques and Antique Malls are specially collected and sorted by era, and are sold at a higher price.

And here you have it, my little tips for thrifting. I hope you can utilize them, and find yourself some lovely treasures!!

Do you thrift often?
What are some of your tips?

Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Rituals

I always love watching or reading about other peoples beauty routines. I remember saving a video about actress Constance Bennett showing her routine ages ago. It's nothing to write home about, as some of the products she recalls have no modern counterparts as far as I can tell. (If they do
I so know that the 'glow base' is a translucent powder akin to Coty or Besame's Brightening Powder
And Besame has a creme rouge, but it's currently out of stock.

I hope you enjoyed watching this. I'm thinking of showing my own beauty routine one day!

Do you like watching beauty routines?
What is your favorite makeup tip?

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Costumers Guild Sale Haul

This Sunday, my friend Adria and I decided it's been too long since we hung out, and hit up the annual San Diego Costumers Guild Sale. It was a bit overwhelming, with many sellers peddling costumes, vintage goods, and many other treasures.

We stuck close together, so the other would be 'good', and we both made it out of there like bandits.

tinyangrycrafts, vintage dress, SD Costumers Guild Sale

This dress was actually one of my last purchases, but Adria and I were mulling it over, and fussing with the tape measure, then it was gently shoved in my direction.

tinyangrycrafts, vintage dress, SD Costumers Guild Sale

I love the color, and the decoration of the bow and center front of the dress. There's no makers tag, just a 'lot number' tag on the inside.

tinyangrycrafts, vintage bullet bra, SD Costumers Guild Sale

I got a proper bullet bra! Now, I've made a couple, but this one does the job completely. I'm sure I'll be attempting to knock the pattern off, and make it in a multitude of colors!

tinyangrycrafts, vintage slip, SD Costumers Guild Sale

Slowly starting my collection of slips. I have a white one, and a creme colored one, but now I can wear my darker garments with no issues!

tinyangrycrafts, vintage fur, SD Costumers Guild Sale

This huge fluffy vintage fur stole will keep me cozy when the temperature finally drops. And I have something to wear whenever next years Fur and Feathers is announced.

tinyangrycrafts, vintage stockings, glove dryer, SD Costumers Guild Sale

At the booth where I picked up the bullet bra, I also grabbed this pack of deadstock cotton stockings. I'm assuming due to the packaging, they're from the 60's and therefore seamless. But I'll more than likely wear them when it's cooler out.
I also snagged some glove dryers. I have a growing glove collection, so I can put them on these dryers, which will keep them in shape as they dry!

tinyangrycrafts, vintage earrings, SD Costumers Guild Sale

And I got these absolutely darling fan earrings. I'm reminded of the giant fans my mother and grandmother had in their houses as a child. My favorite thing about them, they close!

So that's my haul, I'm very happy with it, and I can't wait for next years sale!!

Have any of you recently made any vintage purchases?
What are your favorite novelty pair of earrings?

9 tips to survive Dapper Day

9 ways to survive Dapper Day

Dapper Day, Disneyland, Vintage

The 7th anniversary of Dapper Day is coming up, and I'm hoping to attend. I've learned some tips from the past few times I attended, so I figured I'd share them with you.

1. Pack smartly.
- If carrying a purse, try not to let it get super heavy.
-Ask a friend to carry things for you.
-Utilize the locker services if you're there a long time.
-Consider bringing a portable charger for your phone.

2. Check the weather report.
-bring sunscreen and water.
-carry a small cardigan.
-bring or buy a parasol or umbrella.

3. Bring your camera and take photos!
-Trust me, you'll feel a million times better. After picking out your amazing outfit and seeing everyone else dressed similarly, you'll want to remember this day!!

4. Be friendly!
-goes without saying, a smile can take you a long way.
-use social media to network with other people.
-compliment other peoples’ outfits.

5. Plan accordingly
-ride the rides you want to get on, be prepared to wait a good while; use fast-pass when you can!
-if with a group of people, schedule certain times to check-in with each other.

6. Be prepared for possible wardrobe malfunctions
-carry a small sewing kit with you.
-If not wearing 'true vintage' carry a small bleach pen with you.

7. Wear comfy shoes
-You'll be walking around the Disney parks A LOT, you'll thank me later.

8. Check out the Dapper Day Expo*!
-If you can’t actually get into the parks, or you are doing the 'twilight ticket' you can check out the FREE expo. Make some awesome purchases from the oodles of vendors selling vintage clothing and accessories there. Who knows, you might want to make a wardrobe change or two.
*The Expo is only available at the Disneyland CA parks.

9. Have Fun!!
-You're in a lovely vintage outfit at The Happiest Place on Earth. How could the day get any better?

Have any of you been to Dapper Day?
Are there any other tips you'd suggest?