On the mend again

No, I'm not sick. I'm referring to the one thing in everyone who wears vintage has somewhere in their home. A mending pile.

TinyAngryCrafts, vintage mending

I put all the things I need to fix up in an extra Buffalo Exchange bag. Thankfully its a nice size, and super portable, so I can zone out watching Netlflix as I work on things.

TinyAngryCrafts, vintage mending

There are a couple of my me-mades in there, as I love wearing them a lot, haha.

TinyAngryCrafts, vintage mending

The bagged items are stockings, I have a couple that need reinforcement, and thankfully I purchased a darning egg ages ago. I have a lot of embroidery thread, and will darn up a couple things, such as that small jacket.

I really like mending up my clothing items, it's proof I really enjoy and will take care of the clothing I spent a lot of time on.

Sometime down the line, I'll post up a mending tutorial, is there any particular thing you'd like to see?

Do you mend your clothing? If so, how big is your mending pile?

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