Vintage instructional films

Something I've been amusing myself with lately have been vintage instructional films. Most I'd see when I'd sneak and watch MST3K as a kid, but I figure as I've gotten older, I can appreciate them for what they were.

They're surprisingly interesting, from a historical standpoint, and many can offer some helpful tips on caring for ones body and hair, and even saving money. Granted you ignore a lot of the blatant sexism in some of them.

Body Care and Grooming

Good Grooming for Girls

Your Thrift Habits

I was annoyed I couldn't find a pair of Simplicity pattern videos (Not Pattern for Smartness) from the early 60's I believe. So, have this supermarket checker video.

How to be an effective supermarket checker

Do any of you have any videos that amuse you lately?
 Do any of you remember these videos?

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