Easter Fashions from Calling All Girls

TinyAngryCrafts, Calling All Girls 1946

A while back, my friend Megan and I hit up a sale at a vintage shop called 'Frock You! Vintage' They had a bunch of vendors from other places, and I lucked out finding someone who sold magazines. Sadly, I didn't get her card, but the magazine is called 'Calling All Girls'.

It was a magazine for teenage girls, which gave them tips on growing up, dating, getting a job, all the latest fashions, and things the average teenage girl in the 40's needed to know.

I lucked out and got the March 1946 issue, which shows some spring and Easter fashions.

TinyAngryCrafts, Calling All Girls 1946

TinyAngryCrafts, Calling All Girls 1946

TinyAngryCrafts, Calling All Girls 1946

TinyAngryCrafts, Calling All Girls 1946

TinyAngryCrafts, Calling All Girls 1946

Do any of you have any teen-age magazines from this era?

Would you wear a brim hat?

February Update

I posted up a little Vlog to talk about my February

And here are some of the darling gifts from Janey

I am just in love with this parasol. I need to re-vamp my Waitress Tiana costume, and come up with an adorable Disneybound as well.

The amount of love and attention to detail Janey puts into these parasols is impeccable. When I get more cash, I'm going to commission another from her!

I was surprised when I received a text asking if I wanted a vintage train case with 'stickers or no stickers' I gleefully responded 'with stickers!' And was given this gorgeous Samsonite case.

I was also gifted the Sleepy Hollow comic, but I've yet to read it, since it's break I have free time!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd have such a sweet selfless friend such as Janey. I can't wait till we next hang out! <3 br="">

And here is the progress for my cardigan.

Are any of you working on any projects?

Do you have an amazing friend?

Any new vintage acquisitions? 

Vintage instructional films

Something I've been amusing myself with lately have been vintage instructional films. Most I'd see when I'd sneak and watch MST3K as a kid, but I figure as I've gotten older, I can appreciate them for what they were.

They're surprisingly interesting, from a historical standpoint, and many can offer some helpful tips on caring for ones body and hair, and even saving money. Granted you ignore a lot of the blatant sexism in some of them.

Body Care and Grooming

Good Grooming for Girls

Your Thrift Habits

I was annoyed I couldn't find a pair of Simplicity pattern videos (Not Pattern for Smartness) from the early 60's I believe. So, have this supermarket checker video.

How to be an effective supermarket checker

Do any of you have any videos that amuse you lately?
 Do any of you remember these videos?