2016 Goals

Alright, new year!! Woo Hoo!


Lets talk goals for this year!! Now, as this time I have my final semester looming in the background and I have a very very labor intensive course (Collections, guess who gets to make her own fashion line in a small number of months?~) before I graduate. I will sort-of split these goals.


- Post more/write posts in advance/vlog.
I am now mulling new ideas for the blog, and possibly some future vlogs!! I hope to at the very least post once a week. Two times if I'm really good about it!

-Consider sponsorships.
I keep thinking about it. I might do some for a short time, and if any one who's done them before has any advice, do let me know!

- Try to do a tutorial/freebie each month.
A friend keeps suggesting I do tutorials, because they are fun and helpful. I agree with them! I think one a month is a very attainable goal, so I shall try my darnest.

-Organize a blogger meet-up.
I know there are other vintage loving people in my city! But the only 'get togethers' I see aside from Tiki Oasis are flea-markets from what I can see. So I talked it over with a friend and she suggested I do a meet-up. I've never done a meet-up before, so any advice would be terribly welcomed.


- Exercise more.
I get stressed out a lot. When I exercise I feel better. I just need to exercise a lot more!

-Meet more people.
I'm a surprisingly shy and quiet person. I'd like to meet more people and make friends and acquaintances!

-Make the best damn collection that I can.
I have to make a clothing collection featuring 3-5 garments in the spring for my schools student run fashion show (If you are local to me, I'm going to be convincing you to go. You've been warned). I need to up all the skills I've learned in school to make a bad ass collection. I'll need a cheering squad.

-Go to more events.
I want to go to the LA Air Raid, thanks to Saras convincing I might try to make it out there! And there are a couple blog-worthy events local to me, so I'll attempt to attend!

So here we go, 8 simple goals that can hopefully fulfilled by June!

What about you, are you plotting any goals for the New Year?

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