What I'm up to

This month started off fairly relaxed, but as life does its thing, it began to be a bit more busy.

I started back to school last week, and I'm scribbling up a nice time management planner, in addition to my little mini planner where I keep in my due dates for assignments.

I might have mentioned before I'm taking a millinery course. It's 'flat pattern' millinery, and in the class, we will learn to either make a pillbox hat, or a sailor hat in eight weeks.

TinyAngryCrafts millinery sketches

I'm thinking a sailor hat with a tilted up brim. But as of writing, I'm scouring online sources, and some of the free patterns Tanith listed. 

The other course I'm taking is called Advanced Pattern Design, also called 'Collections' by people in the department. I'll essentially be designing a 3-5 garment line to showcase at our schools end of year fashion show. (If you're local to me, I will hound you to purchase tickets, you've been warned.)

TinyAngryCrafts Collections Book

I have to turn this book into my newest best friend, and keep a nice little bookelet of inspiration. And screech a lot because this class will be a time and energy suck.

After x-mas, I decided to start knitting up the Datemaker Cardigan

TinyAngryCrafts Datemaker Cardigan

I stopped at the armhole shaping, because I got confused and messed up in pattern somewhere. So I put in a lifeline, and knit up to a certain point. 

TinyAngryCrafts Datemaker Cardigan

But as I fanned this out for photos, It seems I have messed up in pattern towards the beginning of the knitting. So, I'll rip it back, and start a new. If anyone has any tips on keeping in pattern during the armhole shaping, do let me know. The written directions were quite confusing to me.

And to keep myself content and happily amused, I play a bit of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

TinyAngryCrafts ACNL

This is still tiding me over until I am able to afford Happy Home Designer.

What are you all up to?
Are any of you taking any courses?
Do you play video games to relax?

Review: Besame Cake Mascara

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

Back in September, Besame Cosmetics was at Dapper Day. Sadly, I was not. Each Dapper Day, they do a little scavenger hunt, and this time they did a 'digital version' The winners got to choose some items, and luckily I won! I chose the new Black Cake Cake Mascara.

I was intrigued! Mascara, not in a tube?! I had to try it, for science, of course.

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

Now, at the time I got some mascara spoolies from my last visit to Sephora, and used them for this demonstration. They worked great!

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

It was interesting to use water to activate the cake mascara, but it went very well. Just wet the brush, wiggle it back and forth on the cake, and apply to the lashes as usual.

(If that video doesn't work, here is the Instagram link)

I applied the mascara, and also used it to darken my eyebrows. My mom loved it, and asked if I was wearing false lashes!

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

During the December holidays, there was a sale on the mascara brushes, and lip brushes. I splurged a bit on the cute brushes. The mascara spooly one I've yet to use, but I used the eyeliner one. 

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

It takes me a lot to get the makeup to show on my skin, so there are a lot of layers involved. It's a smidge annoying, but I guess that's all part of the self-pampering ritual. Makes me feel a bit like an Old Hollywood Starlet, haha!

Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara Review via TinyAngryCrafts

All in all. I love this mascara, but I am a bit annoyed with the container being cardboard. I understand it's now 100% biodegradable, but I can't just throw it in my purse and say, touch up my brows or liner without something happening, or something gross getting into it. If I correctly recall, the original Besame cake mascara was in a little plastic package, more reminiscent of the original ones of the 30's. But, as being green and environmentally friendly is happening with more companies, I understand the change.

Have any of you used the cake mascara?

Do you think you'd add it to your vanity table?

Thank you for reading!

Note- I received the cake mascara free from Besame, and I purchased the brushes with my own money. I am receiving no compensation from Besame Cosmetics for this review. I have used affiliate links in this post.

4 ways to get back your sewing mojo

Now like every human being, we loose our mojo on certain things we like. One that is extremely annoying is losing your sewing mojo, and sewing is one of your favorite things in the world.

I'll give you four tips that help me re-gain my mojo, and might help you too!

1. Figure why you're unmotivated.

I got very overwhelmed with school and various stressors from life last semester, it severely effected my final project, and I covered my sewing machine up, because I got sick of seeing it. Now don't get me wrong, I love sewing. I want to make it my future career! I have to sew a lot this coming semester, and I can't afford burnout! I was just so upset with myself over how things turned out, I felt guilty about the things I attempted to sew. And when you're not happy with what you're sewing, it really shows.

2. Look for inspiration.

I take to the internet, or family photos to find some kind of inspiration spark. I can peruse Pinterest, and find some adorable things I'd like to sew in the long run, and use that to keep going.Or I'll look at some of my favorite bloggers and see what lovely clothes they're wearing or making. I'll even go to my own closet and look at things I'd like to copy. I have a jacket I'd love to have in another color, and when I'm up to it, I'll figure how to copy the pattern.

3. Choose something simple.

Usually the smaller the item you're sewing, the less annoyed you'll be with it if you somehow mess up. I've gotten out of funks before by sewing up small doll clothes when I first started sewing. Then I moved up to small hankies, and now it's bras! Keep all your pieces together after you cut them out, and just work at it.

4. Work on something else.

Thankfully, I'm a woman of many skills. If I'm still overwhelmed with sewing, I'll get out some knitting, or crochet, or I'll start drawing. Anything to keep that creative side of the brain stimulated, so you're happy. Often when I'm working on something else, I'll think 'Oh I need to have a blouse to go with this sweater!' or 'This sketch is cute, I wonder if I can sew it up later.' and it'll give me a much needed kick in the ass to get back to sewing.

And there ou have it. 4 ways to get back to sewing.

Do any of you have any other ways you use to get your sewing mojo back?

What are you currently sewing?

Vlog- Flea Market/thrifting haul

Hello all, I decided to do a quick video on some items I got on my last flea market and thrifting adventure!

I said I was gonna take a photo of the scarf, but it's cold right now, so sorry.

2016 Goals

Alright, new year!! Woo Hoo!


Lets talk goals for this year!! Now, as this time I have my final semester looming in the background and I have a very very labor intensive course (Collections, guess who gets to make her own fashion line in a small number of months?~) before I graduate. I will sort-of split these goals.


- Post more/write posts in advance/vlog.
I am now mulling new ideas for the blog, and possibly some future vlogs!! I hope to at the very least post once a week. Two times if I'm really good about it!

-Consider sponsorships.
I keep thinking about it. I might do some for a short time, and if any one who's done them before has any advice, do let me know!

- Try to do a tutorial/freebie each month.
A friend keeps suggesting I do tutorials, because they are fun and helpful. I agree with them! I think one a month is a very attainable goal, so I shall try my darnest.

-Organize a blogger meet-up.
I know there are other vintage loving people in my city! But the only 'get togethers' I see aside from Tiki Oasis are flea-markets from what I can see. So I talked it over with a friend and she suggested I do a meet-up. I've never done a meet-up before, so any advice would be terribly welcomed.


- Exercise more.
I get stressed out a lot. When I exercise I feel better. I just need to exercise a lot more!

-Meet more people.
I'm a surprisingly shy and quiet person. I'd like to meet more people and make friends and acquaintances!

-Make the best damn collection that I can.
I have to make a clothing collection featuring 3-5 garments in the spring for my schools student run fashion show (If you are local to me, I'm going to be convincing you to go. You've been warned). I need to up all the skills I've learned in school to make a bad ass collection. I'll need a cheering squad.

-Go to more events.
I want to go to the LA Air Raid, thanks to Saras convincing I might try to make it out there! And there are a couple blog-worthy events local to me, so I'll attempt to attend!

So here we go, 8 simple goals that can hopefully fulfilled by June!

What about you, are you plotting any goals for the New Year?