Blogging resolutions check-in

I am so happy to see 2015 go. 


Now at the beginning of the year, I made a resolution list! I kept it simple, and made it for blogging, and I think I did pretty darn well, all things considered.

Surpringingly, I did photograph a lot more things this year. But I lost it in a external HD error :( Ah well. I also did more photographing on my Instagram, so that counts, right?

Post more often
Well, despite racking in my second lowest number of posts in a year on this blog, I did scribble some up in advance, but I never used them! Some are December-sepcific posts, so I'll wait till next December to post.

Don't be afraid to talk to fellow bloggers
I'm so happy that the #VintageChat is a thing. I got to 'meet' some pretty nice folks through it this year. As well as making a better instagram presence, I've met more people that way, including some locals... who I need to find a way to physically hang out with!

Document my creations 
Welll. Life did that thing where it throws a wrench into everything, so I didn't make as much this year. Especially during my fall semester. School of course, comes first.

See, I did pretty darn well!

With school being on break, I finally have more to sew! I have a commission, some mending, and a personal project I hope to get done before my final semester starts.

Yep, I'm finally graduating! Taking two fun classes in the spring, and I'm excited for them!

I wanted to thank all of you for your continued support. You are all awesome and darling, and I hope all good things happen to you!

How was your 2015?