A Royal typewriting affair

If you're one of my pen pals, then you've probably got a lovely typed up letter from me. The letter was written on this darling typewriter I'm 'borrowing' from my grandmother.

This Royal 'Quiet de Luxe' typewriter was my grandmothers, she received it as a gift from her mother and uncle for her graduation from 9th to 10th grade. She wrote many an assignment on it throughout high school, then took it to California with her, and used it in college. My mom tells me she'd 'type letters' on it as a baby.

As a child, we had an Apple computer, but I learned and perfected my typing on the typewriter. I remember turning in type written assignments until I was in the 7th grade, and the typewriter stayed in the garage.

Until April, when I decided to dust it off, and clean it up a bit, and use it for correspondence.

Speaking of correspondence, would any of you delightful vintage lovers like to do something of a Vintage Pen Pal exchange? It would be simple: fill out a form, indicate where you'd prefer your pen pal to be from/things you like, etc, wait for me to pair you up, and start writing letters. How does that sound to you?

Do any of you all have a typewriter? Do you have pen pals?

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