Fall/Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

TinyAngryCrafts- fall/winter vintage wardrobe

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Hello everyone!
Remember when I said I was going to attempt to get through a ridiculous amount of patterns in a year? Yeah. Yeah. So I decided to be a bit more practical, and split it.

I sat back, and looked through my closet as I did a clear out at the start of summer, and noticed I don't have a lot of fall/winter clothing! Now, it doesn't get as cool here in Southern California as it does in other parts of the US. We spend a good bit of our September and October hearing about Santa Ana winds, and fire warnings. Eventually our weather cools, and I'm spending the next few months bundled in scarves.

But on to what I want to make.

TinyAngryCrafts- fall/winter vintage wardrobe

I made a little pinterest board for my ideal fall/winter wardrobe. (if San Diego ever decided to start snowing, and I had allll the money)

I need more blouses. There are no ifs, ans, or buts about it. I plan to make a couple of blouses from [vintage]Simplicity 2382, [vintage]McCalls 6413 and something I self-draft.
As for fabric choices, they're going to be cotton

In the bottoms department, I'm going to make some trousers from an altered pattern drafted for me by a friend. I might even figure how to make myself some jodhpurs if I'm feeling up to it! I'll also make myself some skirts from Simplicity 3688.

I traced McCall 4184, I'm trying to not run off and buy some nice wool for the set before I've even done the muslin. I'm excited to work on that suit. I've never done a proper suit, so this will be a fun learning experience.
And if I want to do a simpler top and bottom suit, I have DuBarry 5411 traced out.

And I'm working on a hat. I got some (pretty flimsy feeling, imho) buckram from Joann, and some wire, so I'm jury-rigging a hat, lets see how it goes!

TinyAngryCrafts- fall/winter vintage wardrobe

In terms of colors, I have the ones illustrated as guidelines, and ideas. I'm sure I'll pop to the fabric stores and turn into a magpie to something else, I'm sure

Now, I'm going to start small. Blouses first. If I employ assembly line ideals for the cutting of the fabrics and sewing, I should have a couple cozy blouses quickly. Thankfully I've worked with the two vintage patterns before, so I know the ins and outs of them.

Next I'll do skirts and trousers. So even when the eventual winter hits us, I'll have some nice basics I can mix and match.

Mind you, I'm taking a pretty intense fashion course this semester, which I'll have to drape a garment for, so it's best I start small!

How about you all, are any of you figuring a Fall/Winter wardrobe (or in the case of those of you in the Southern Hemisphere Spring/Summer)? 

Do you have any colors you're gravitating toward? 

Have any of you made a hat?