Vintage Flea Market Finds

Once again, the San Diego Vintage Flea Market has come and gone and I left with treasures!

I went with my friend Megan, and I actually brought my camera with me. But sadly, I only took two photos, and they were very similar to each other.

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM

I had fun actually hanging with someone. We were both terrible influences on the other, and we laughed when some of the vendors said 'Oh I remember you, I sold you this!' After we shopped, we went and got something to eat, and our servers were wondering why we were dressed up 'so nicely'.

Alright, here's the haul! 

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM Flea market finds

A lovely dark blue purse, which is hard to photograph, but you'll see it in future posts!
A glove box!
Some sewing pamphlets
 I finally got a proper jewelry box!! I feel so grown up, haha!
And a big box of sewing notions and patterns. I'll touch on this one at a later post, and maybe sell some of the patterns that aren't Me.

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM Singer sewing pamphlets

I got a BUNCH of lovely sewing pamphlets from Solanah a few months back, and I'll talk about them in a future post. These are also by Mary Brooks Picken for Singer.

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM vintage hat

I got this super cute hat from a seller I've previously bought things from before. She told me she's very happy this hat is going to me, and each time she sees straw purses, she thinks of me. I shoulda gave her my card. Ah well, next one!

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM vintage hat

Here's a quick one of me in the hat.

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM jewelry box

I am so excited to have a proper jewelry box. I like how this one is, it has hooks for necklaces!

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM glove box by Selwell Mfg

This little glove box was something I've needed for a bit. As I am now having a small growing collection of gloves, I need a better place for them.

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM glove box by Selwell Mfg

I like the box still had its label on it. I tried to search for this company, and it seems they made a lot of glove boxes and stockings boxes in LA in the 30's and 40's.

I am glad I was able to share my love for flea markets with a good friend. Megan left with some cute items, and really enjoyed herself. And she told me how the flea markets are in The Netherlands, and... well my passport is still valid, and she speaks Dutch, and I wanna go now.

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM friend Megan

Megan's outfit details. (AkA I'm a terrible friend who didn't write all them down!)
Scarf- Thrifted
Blouse- H&M
Skirt- Ahhh I wanna say thrifted? Megan if you're reading this let a gal know!
Shoes- Thrift Trader

TinyAngryCrafts SDVFM Carla outfit

My outfit details (AKA, oops I'm an outfit repeater, sue me)
Dress- SD Vintage Flea Market
Earrings- Swap Meet
Bakelite- various
Purse- Rummage Sale
Stockings- What Katie Did
Shoes- Ross

I'm excited for the next flea market, and to hopefully scout some out in the LA/OC area.
And San Diego Comic Con will be starting tomorrow! So be sure to check my Instagram for awesome con photos!

Have any of you been to any flea markets? What cool things have you found?

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