Feature on Lovebirds Vintage

The incredibly sweet Helen of Lovebirds Vintage featured me on her blog, and I answered some questions for her.

Go check it out, if you'd like to know a bit more about the gal behind the blog (and see one of my cosplays! Go go go!)

Wishlist for a spring picnic

Being from Southern California, spring time seems to come earlier than the rest of the states. As I type this, it's sunny out, but quite windy. If I were to go out and have a hypothetical picnic with a friend, I think I would shove them into these if they were in my closet.

This cute dress

These lovely shoes

 This hat, to keep the sun from hurting their eyes

A stack of jangly Bakelite for the wrists

Some super fun pineapple earrings

And a lovely picnic basket to carry around all of our snacks!

How is the weather where you are? What would you have for a hypothetical picnic with a friend?

Review: Firmoo Glasses

Alternate title- You look a bit Harold Lloyd!

TinyAngryCrafts, firmoo glasses review

Now being someone who has terrible eye-sight, glasses are the kind of very important thing I need in my life. Being a very frugal student with terrible eye-sight means I don't get to upgrade on glasses very often.
I was very happy to receive an email from Firmoo asking if I could review their glasses on my blog.

Tiny Angry Crafts, firmoo glasses review

Outfit Details
Peasant Blouse- made by me
Shorts- made by me
Shoes- Marshalls
Necklace(that you can hardly see)- Swap Meet
Glasses- c/o Firmoo

TinyAngryCrafts, firmoo glasses review

They have a special section just 'For Bloggers'. I'm assuming all the super hip and trendy bloggers adore these, so that's the selection they have. I hummed and hawed over some pairs, before I finally chose these.

TinyAngryCrafts, firmoo glasses review

At first, I had to get my prescription filled, so I asked if I could wait until I did that before I picked. Once I did so, I shot an email to Tina letting her know I got my prescription, and she let me pick my glasses. Which was super awesome, I think.

TinyAngryCrafts, firmoo glasses review

The glasses came extremely quickly, and the second I opened the package, I was met with a shiny new pair of glasses looking at me.

TinyAngryCrafts, firmoo glasses review

I desperately need to get them resized and fit to my face, but I just love them. Like any new pair of glasses, you see into all of time with them on, so I'm sure after I get the fit straightened, with regular wear, everything will be ok.
 My younger sister found them to be adorable on me, and my grandpa asked if I planned on hanging off of any clock hands anytime soon.

TinyAngryCrafts, firmoo glasses review

I thought their customer service was very nice, and I don't think I've ever had something ship to me in a day before, so that was good. Their site is very easy to navigate, and they are offering 50% off a pair of glasses for new customers! So I definitely recommend Firmoo if you'd like a nice inexpensive pair of glasses.

Disclaimer- I received these glasses free of charge from Firmoo.com in exchange for an honest review of their service.