Review: Besame Cosmetics Red Velvet Lipstick

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

You know how you can be an admirer of something and not own it? That was me with Besame Cosmetics When I heard they provided makeup for the ABC show Agent Carter, I was over the moon! I had intended to cosplay Peggy Carter, and I needed to know what her signature color was. A few days after it was made public, I made my first purchase. 

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

I wore the lipstick right after receiving it, and I fell in love. The packaging, the shape of the tube, all of it made me very happy, and feel absolutely glamorous.  Red Velvet is a gorgeous color reminiscent of the mid 40's, and I was very happy at how it looks with my complexion.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It’s a very smooth application process. I use the pointed edge of the lipstick to line my lips, and then fill it all out. I then blot with a tissue, and go about my way!
It keeps my lips very hydrated, and the only time I experienced dryness, is when it was an exceptionally windy day. I combated that by wiping some lipstick away, and re-applying.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It should be known, this lipstick will get on everything. There are little tips and tricks to get your lipstick to not end up being your next way of marking your territory, but I didn't feel like utilizing them. Though, I will say, it makes an amazing kiss mark, and lasts through out the day of eating and being very animated.

Besame Cosmetics Review and Agent Carter cosplay

I hope to have photos of my Peggy Carter cosplay up fairly soon, so you all can see it in action!

Thank you all for reading!

Note- This product was purchased with my own money, I am receiving no compensation from Besame Cosmetics for this review. I have used an affiliate link in this post.

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