Vintage Pajama Party is Over!

Thank you all so very much for participating in the Vintage Pajama Party! It was the very first sew along I've hosted, and I feel so grateful for you all.

It was awesome watching you all create some gorgeous vintage jammies to be nice and cozy in. And for some of you, this was a great stepping stone to get out of your comfort zone, and working with vintage patterns. For myself it was a HUGE accomplishment to do something I've wanted to for the past two years, having other people who were gung-ho made it all the worth while.

Sadly, I didn't even participate in my own sew along. I've mentioned before I'm a student, and my education comes first. I probably should have done this sometime next year so I wouldn't be wedged between midterms and finals, but I'll make my pajamas during my winter break. I'll also be making a couple of costumes which I'll show off after I wear them.

The next post will have all the giveaway details, and to be eligible, you must post your finished pajamas to the flickr group!

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