Made in 2014 and Giveaway winner!

This year I said I would make myself some clothes to fill my closet with things that make me happy.

Juggling life, school, and a blog, I have to say I did pretty alright for myself. For 2015, I'll be more vigilant in documenting what I make so I can link back to them in a nicer fashion.

Sewn items.

2014 Spring Dapper Day Dress by tinyangrycrafter

2014 Spring Dapper Day Dress by tinyangrycrafter

Dapper Day Dress. (And the post all about it)
I had such a blast making this. I've worn it a couple more times since it's debut at Disneyland, and it's always getting compliments.

TinyAngryCrafter Sew for Victory outfit

Sew for Victory ensemble.
This is one of my go to outfits. I clearly need to make the blouse pattern about 50 more times, it's comfy and goes with everything.

vintage peasant blouse by tinyangrycrafter

Peasant blouses.
I made myself a cute light blue one, and it's perfect for summer and a Southern California fall. I also made one for a friend, but it's a gift. She'll get it after new years.

Bullet Bra.
I used Brittany from VaVoom Vintage's pattern, and it's SUCH A COMFY BRA! I made two so-far, and will totally be making more.(for those of you who are scratching your heads, a lot of the vintage patterns and clothing were cut with the fashion of the time in mind, so modern bras will have ill fit)
I have two other ones cut out, and will work on them soon. The muslin I made works perfectly, wonky stitches and all. The second one is equally comfortable and looks fancy. I think I'll maybe make the band longer, something akin to a longline bra, if I'm successful I'll show my progress.

Pattern Making final.
For part of my final for my pattern making course, we had to make a garment from a pattern block for ourselves, or another person. I made myself a cute 40's inspired dress with a detachable cape. Now I messed up in a couple places, but I will most certainly be making this again. It's too cute not to.

Knitted goods.
I didn't get to make as many knitted items as I thought, but I did pretty alright!

V for Victory sweater by tinyangrycrafter

Now I've blogged about this, and I still want to make this about 20 times more, just longer.

knitted snood by tinyangrycrafter

knitted snood by tinyangrycrafter

I need more cute yarn colors for this fun versatile accessory. I think next year I'll so some cute styling tips for a snood as well. Might even sell some if I feel up to it.

Here's to me making more awesome things in the new year! What about you all, what did you create this year?

Oh, and the winner to the giveaway is:

Dixie O'Dare!!! Congrats, Dixie!

Please send me an email with your address, and I'll try to get you your prize ASAP!

Thank you, and congrats to everyone who entered. I'll be figuring more fun giveaways for the future!

I see Wonderful Things

Being very close to Balboa Park has a lot of perks, lots of gorgeous gardens and museums with amazing exhibits are definitely high on that list.
Upon hearing about the King Tut exhibit at the San Diego Natural History museum, I know I wanted to hit it up after the semester ended. So yesterday, I met up with Janey of Atomic Redhead, and her husband Patrick to take a little trip back in time to view one of the most famous discoveries of the past century.

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

Now, the exhibit was made up of very faithful restorations, which I was extremely impressed by. The amount of excruciating detail went into making every piece look exactly like the original is utterly astounding. It made me want to travel to Egypt to see the originals more and more.

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

After looking at more exhibits at the museum, we meandered about to get some photos for our blogs. Some of which resulted in some fun lady adventurer poses.

TinyAngryCrafter- hanging with AtomicRedHead

Lovely Janey amongst nature.

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

Outfit Details
Hat- Papaya
Horus earrings- SDNHM gift shop
Linen mens shirt- Some thrift store ages ago
Belt- Grandma
Trousers- Goodwill
Boots- Target
Purse- San Diego Rummage Sale
Bangles- Various
Shawl- School

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

I had such a blast hanging with Janey. I'm grateful for overcoming my shyness and meeting her through blogging. It's always fun connecting with someone you have so much in common with, and having a chance to hang with them is always great!
I can't wait to hang with her again!

Have any of you gone to your local museums lately? What exhibits did you see?

Be sure to check out Janeys post about the day!

Good things from 2014

2014 was a very difficult year for me, but I had a lot of really great things happen, despite everything else.

In some sort of order:

Decided to make myself more lovely clothes.

Attended my 3rd Dapper Day.

Participated in a fun sew along.

Went to rummage sale and a couple of flea  markets.

Met a fellow blogger for the first time, and strengthened a friendship forged online.


Made more acquaintances with bloggers through twitter and other social media.

I redesigned my blog by myself.

Sponsored a fellow blogger.

Hosted my very first sew along.

Here's to hoping 2015 brings more good things!!

Little sewing tip

Hello everyone!

I figured I'd share a little sewing tip I've learned when I started sewing on how to keep yourself organized with small projects. (And any project, really)

TinyAngryCrafter: sewing tips to stay organized

If you have a project you keep putting off and on, and you have all your pieces cut out, use a zip top bag!
Put all of your notions you need for it; thread, bobbin, needles, etc. Have the fabric in it, and if you're like me and tend to loose pattern pieces, the pattern itself would be nice to have inside.

And keep it close to your sewing machine!

If you have larger projects, they make 2 gallon size bags which can hold your bigger cuts of fabric, and even your fabric envelopes.

And there you go, One more step to being a more organized sewist! I'm going o put this into better practice in the coming new year.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Blog Reader Giveaway Prizes

I like to think the Vintage Pajama Party was a first time success. Pretty sure if I do it again, it would be not during some major fall/winter holidays so more people can participate.

Now as a thank you to those lovely people who participated, and my darling blog readers, I am offering up a nice set of giveaway prizes.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party and blog readers

All the cute and lovely prizes.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party and blog readers

A hairnet from 1964. The color for it is grey, but I'm sure it would look cute on your hair, should you want to use it.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party and blog readers

Some super cute vintage buttons. You can add to your collection, or add them to some cute outfit.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party and blog readers

A cute (handpainted?) handkerchief.  The 'M' can stand for 'Magnificent' if your name doesn't start with  the letter.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party and blog readers

Covergirl Outlast lipstick. This is one of my new favorite things, if you see my instagram selfies from the past few months, I've probably been wearing it in it. Janey reviewed it on her blog.

Yes, pajama sew along participants, all of these can be yours!

To enter:

Fill out the rafflecopter with all the appropriate info.

a Rafflecopter giveaway That's it!

This giveaway will end 12am PST on December 30th.

If you win, and do not respond with a mailing address within 48 hours, I will choose another winner.

Oh, and if my dear sewists can send me an email of their pajamas being worn, and some little blurb about how you enjoyed the sew along, or what things you learned along the way? I plan to scribble up a little showcasing blog post!

Note- I purchased all prizes with my own money, and am receiving no compensation for them.

Dressed up to get groceries

Or last minute Xmas gifts. Same thing.

I recently snagged a remote for my camera as a 'yay you survived midterms!' gift to myself. It is well past finals, and I'm finally using it.

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

This is the Dapper Day dress, which I wore again for a business class presentation earlier this month. I figured it needed a proper debut.

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

I'm slowly getting used to the remote and trying to pose naturally. It's gonna take me a bit, but this is very useful for when nobody is home and I want/need photos.

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

I was elated to find the hat at the Buffalo Exchange anniversary, it's a damn near perfect match to the dress, just a teensy shade lighter.

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

I am really fond of the fit of the dress. The material is a pain and a half, but it really works for the dress. The pattern was very straightforward, and I was able to finish this dress in a couple of days. One of my favorite details is the three darts on the sleeve.

Sewing Details

Fabric: Pale yellow synthetic. Gift from a friend.
Pattern: Advance 9925. View 1
Year: 1961
Notions: Covered buttons, self covered belt
How historically accurate is it? Pretty accurate. 
Any tricky parts to the pattern?  Eh, I got a bit better with bound-buttonholes on this. Figuring how the notches on the collar were going to go confused me, but after I pressed it, it all made sense.
Did you change anything?  According to notes, I put 'shortened pattern by 6 inches'. I'm going to assume 3 for the bodice, and 3 in the skirt.
Time to complete: February 14, 2014-February 21, 2014
First worn: Dapper Day at Disneyland
Total cost: Pattern was $12 from the Atomic Hideaway
Zipper was $2
Buttons were probably $3
Belt kit was $5
so $22 in total
Notes: If I were to make it in a synthetic similar, I'm totally using a lining. But next time, I'll make little belt carriers.

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

Outfit Details:

Dress- Made by me
Hat- Buffalo Exchange
SHIELD necklace- Petite Royale
Earrings- SD vintage flea market
Bakelite bangles- various
Disneyland charm bracelet- eBay
Gloves- Melrose flea market
Stockings- What Katie Did
Shoes- Ross

Advance 9925- 1960's yellow dress ensemble by TinyAngryCrafter

1960's gold plated Disneyland charm bracelet- tinyangrycrafter

I love this Disneyland charm bracelet. I very rarely see them with the rocket from Tomorrowland on them!! (As I wrote this post, I did a quick google search, and they park did indeed offer them for purchase via a catalogue! On the 4th photo down, you see my bracelet!)

I had such an interesting confidence boost as I ran my errands this morning. People moved for me, and insisted they press the trolley open for me. I felt like a little ray of sunshine walking down the street on this bright winters day. Though as I walked down the Gaslamp Quarter for exercise, and to get the other trolley, I heard a bunch of interesting things shouted from cars, and from bars. I ignored a lot of it, only smiling when I got compliments, and older ladies said they liked my hat. My bank teller said I looked 'Very Jackie O!' so that brightened the rest of the afternoon.

Have any of you dressed up and ran your errands, were the people serving you surprised?

I talked it over with a friend, who suggested I turn the Pajama Party giveaway, to a giveaway to all blog readers. Now to figure out those widgets for giveaways, and to fix some links.

Vintage Pajama Party is Over!

Thank you all so very much for participating in the Vintage Pajama Party! It was the very first sew along I've hosted, and I feel so grateful for you all.

It was awesome watching you all create some gorgeous vintage jammies to be nice and cozy in. And for some of you, this was a great stepping stone to get out of your comfort zone, and working with vintage patterns. For myself it was a HUGE accomplishment to do something I've wanted to for the past two years, having other people who were gung-ho made it all the worth while.

Sadly, I didn't even participate in my own sew along. I've mentioned before I'm a student, and my education comes first. I probably should have done this sometime next year so I wouldn't be wedged between midterms and finals, but I'll make my pajamas during my winter break. I'll also be making a couple of costumes which I'll show off after I wear them.

The next post will have all the giveaway details, and to be eligible, you must post your finished pajamas to the flickr group!

Vintage Pajama Party has been extended!

Now I could have sworn I posted this up over the Thanksgiving break, but alas due to being sick, I did not.

Extended Pajama Party

I've decided to extend the Pajama Party another week! If any of you want to attempt to make a night gown in a week, feel free!

So you have till December 13th at the end of the day to put your finished garment in the flickr pool.