My Pajama Party Plans

Thanks to being a student, my education comes first, so I still have my ideas sitting about (good show  me, for my own sew along. oops.)

vintage pajama sew along pattern

vintage pajama sew along pattern back

I intend to use this 1943 Simplicity pajama pattern. It's un-printed, and from quickly skimming over the instructions, this will prove a bit of a challenge for me. But it's nothing I can't handle.
I'll be making view 1, as it's finally getting cool down here.

vintage pajama sew along pattern notions

As I looked over the pattern, I noticed there are no suggestions for fabric! I'm not too sure when pattern companies started to add them. I'll overlook my small vintage pattern stash and see which ones have it. And if anyone knows, do let me know!

And something that will really be a bit of a challenge for me.

vintage pajama sew along robe plans

Yes that is a rough sketch of a robe, and its pattern pieces. Yes, I have delusions of grandeur to make a robe pattern. I have a bunch of tracing paper, and a good pattern making book, I'm also taking classes on how to do it. So, that little adventure should be fun! I'm sure if you follow me on twitter, you'll see a lot of me complaining about it soon.

I still need to get fabric. I'm sure I'll have it by weeks end. I also have to get another bolt of muslin. My class has me using it a lot, so I need some for class projects, as well as personal ones. I'm sort of leaning toward pastel colors for my pajamas, though that can change.

So to those of you who are doing the sew along, what are your plans?

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