Working in Progress

Hello everyone.

Lots of things in my life are works in progress, this blog being one of them. I want to do a nice revamp, and I often mention it every other time I post. I think this weekend I'll work on it, as well as photograph some things I've acquired, and over due sewing projects I find myself wearing a lot.

I'm seaming up a sweater I finished last night (yes, those are bobby pins in the sleeve cap). I'm sure it'll be finished by tonight, and will be worn when it's not 89 degrees.

knitting vintage sweater

As I have long stretches of breaks on my campus, I need another knitting thing to do. I'm in the process of charting up some nerdy sweaters for myself, so I'll figure how to do some sneaky not sneaky show off teasers.

Are there anythings you're currently working on? Have any of you revamped your blogs lately?

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