New additions to my personal library

Last month, I received a very sweet package from a friend, and blog reader. And I treated myself to a book that's been lurking in my wishlist for a while.

vintage sewing books

My friend, Miss Mary graciously sent me the Tailoring and Clothing Construction books after reading a few of my blog posts. When I got them in the mail, I was ecstatic. It's one thing to get old books from the thrift store, but to actually know the person who used them, and obviously loved them is a nice feeling.

vintage sewing books

I love the images in the Tailoring book.

vintage sewing books

They're very clear, despite not being color images. As I skimmed through, I found it easy to follow the instructions.

vintage sewing books bound buttonholes

Ah yes, bound buttonholes. My favorite thing to sew, despite not being able to properly make them even. I figured the slimmer looking a buttonhole was, the nicer it looked. On most tutorials I've found, they make them bigger. Maybe that's my problem.

vintage sewing books

I love the cover for the Clothing Construction book. I wish the books I use in my courses were as cute as this one!

vintage sewing books sewingneedles

The images in this book are also nice and clear, and I love the spread for all the different types of needles one might need. I often forget how many there, and I usually just stick to regular sharps for a lot of things.

vintage sewing books fabric

The pages showing the different fabrics was also very cute. When I was in LA last weekend, I was eyeballing some seersucker fabric which would make for something lovely next summer. But, I didn't buy it.

1940's clothing reference

Now I've been wanting a nice reference book, so I snagged The Everyday Fashions of The Forties off Amazon. It's chocked full of just what it says on the book, clothing that the average person wore. And what better place to showcase that, if not from the Sear catalogues?

1940's clothing reference

When this book came in, I was visiting with my grandmother, and she pointed out things she remembered seeing on people of that time. And she also pointed out things she thinks I would have loved to own.

1940's clothing reference

Such as these shoes.
For the D'Orsay pumps at $3.98 in 1944, they would cost $53.31 in today's dollars. (thanks Inflation Calculator! ) Which for most people isn't that bad. I think they're cheaper than Miss L Fire shoes. Who wants to get on that time machine building project with me?

For a book lover such as myself, getting these as new padding for my bookshelf was very great. I was able to make some connections with my grandma with one book, and own some books which helped out a friend when she was sewing things for herself and her family.

Have any of you received new books? Any books you'd love as additions to your personal library?

Oh yeah, I changed the blog up! I need to spruce it up a wee bit more, but I am very happy with it!

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