Melrose Ave Flea Market

Last Sunday, I was in the Orange County area visiting friends, and I was whisked away to a flea market in LA.

I sadly didn't have my camera on me, and the only picture I took was of my outfit.

vintage vintage fashion

But, I can share my finds with you all!



After getting in the area, the first booth I saw had loads of vintage threads and sewing shears, I zeroed in on the notions, and grabbed some zippers and seam binding. The seller was extremely happy I told her I would be using the items for future sewing projects.


I of course can't go anywhere without picking up some patterns, it seems. I love the collar on the blouse, which on the back of the pattern, is described as a 'boy collar'.


So, there is an amusing story with these gloves. I get to the booth and ask the seller if I could try on one of the pairs that were out, I fawn over them, despite them being a bit too big on me. I try on another, and I hear 'Oh, I have more, would you like to see them?' I of course say yes, and she pulls out this big plastic bin of gloves of various colors and from various years. She tells me 'You know how to put on gloves, you get to look in the treasure trove.' I spent about 5 mins perusing the box and chose these simple ones.


At the same booth I turned around and saw a rack of vintage clothing, and slips! I've wanted a nice slip for a while, and I looked on the rack for something that could work for me. Finally this plain white one called to me, and I snatched it up. The seller was incredibly sweet and I enjoyed chatting with her.


I seem to have a bit of a thing with zeroing in on the littlest of things, this scarf being one of them. As I walked down the aisle, I just saw the corner of this from the inside of a small box, so I pulled it out, and this beauty came out. There are a few snags in it, but nothing too horrible.

I hope I can figure another trip up that way in the next few months, I saw plenty of awesome things I can get for friends and family for not a lot of money.

Have any of you made any recent flea market purchases? Do you have a favorite flea market?

Pardon any little hiccups you see, I'm finally getting off my lazy ass and reworking the blog!

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