I sewed for victory

Earlier in the year, I told myself to create more clothes for myself, but I've been failing in the documenting and photographing department for it! I mean, I just have the few I showcased for the group.

Sew For Victory vintage inspired outfit

I made this ensemble for Sew For Victory in the spring, and I have to say, it's one of my favorites, so far. And I'm happy to be showing off my very first bakelite in it. Yay.

Sew For Victory vintage inspired outfit

I did double duty with the blouse, I received it from Marie for her Vintage Pledge kick off, and sewed it up for that as well.

Sew For Victory vintage inspired outfit

As I mentioned in the post, I used the vintage Simplicity pattern for the skirt, which seems to be well loved by a lot of other bloggers. I had to shorten it quiet a bit, thanks to being so short, but it works very well!

Sew For Victory vintage inspired outfit

My sister once again had a good time photographing me, and I'm thankful for her being savvy with a camera. She had me laughing a lot, and she took a lot of silly pictures of me, which is very fun.

Sew For Victory vintage inspired outfit

 At this point, she mentioned 'You look like the lady in the posters…um, oh man, 'WE CAN DO IT!'? –Thinks for 3 seconds, gets photo taken, then busts up laughing- "Rosie the Riveter?"  'YES! GO POSE!'

Sew For Victory Rosie The Riveter

So of course, she had to get me to tap into my inner Riveter.

Sew For Victory Rosie The Riveter

I think I did a good job, and so did she.

So now, I'm going to do a couple of new things. First, talking about the sewing details

Sewing details


Pattern- Vintage Simplicity 2382
Fabric- floral cotton from JoAnns
Notions- Four buttons, and hand made shoulder-pads
Any changes to original?- I shortened the bodice by 2 inches, and sewed my own shoulder pads. Other than that, it's pretty accurate.


Pattern- Simplicity 3688
Fabric- 'Caviar' bottomweight from JoAnns
Notions- zipper, and five buttons (four in, one out)
Any changes to original?- I made removable straps to make it a bit more cute. And I shortened the length by 3 inches, and widened the waistband by 2 inches.

Outfit details

Scarf- Melrose Flea Market
Earrings- VaVoomVintage's instagram sale
Blouse- Made by me
Skirt- Made by me
Bangle- Antique mall
Socks- Target
Shoes- Ross

Thank you all for looking!

And I have an exciting sew along planned for next week, so stay tuned for that! I'm writing up some posts in advance, as I know November will be a busy month for me. I hope you all like it, as I'm excited to be working on it.

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