Shopping Haul

I've never done a clothing haul photo before. First time for everything, am I right?
While shopping with Janey I only bought two things, I have a convention coming soon, and needed to be a smidgen frugal. But I am very happy with my purchases.

While at Buffalo Exchange, Janey and I tried on some really cute things, and when I was exiting the dressing room, one of the attendants was putting up a gorgeous dress up, and I bolted back in to try it on.


Needless to say it was love at first sight, and it came back with me. We both figured it's a late 30's early 40's dress, based on the construction, and shape.

Bound Buttonholes

I love the bound buttonholes, and the colors, it's complimenting on me. Every little detail on this dress is fascinating to me, and I hope to implement some aspects into future sewing projects.


When my mom saw it, she was happy with it being a raw silk dress, and quickly asked the price. $28 for this lovely frock. She believes it to be handmade, and loves how it's survived all this time. I just need to re sew the snaps on the collar, which will take no time at all. (I'll get a photo of me in this dress after SDCC)

The other purchase I got was a crinoline. it's got a bit of red staining on it on the other side, but it does it job with poofing a skirt out some. $10 at Thrift Traders in Ocean Beach.


I suppose one other thing from these adventures is a sense of camaraderie. It was very lovely to be able to hang out with another person who also loves Disney, vintage, and cosplay and have other things of interest to talk about. It was fun getting out of my bubble, visiting shops I usually don't visit, and getting a lot of tips. Janey is such a sweet and helpful person, I had such a blast playing tour guide to her, and I can't wait till our paths cross again!

Photos and cards

Have any of you made any nifty purchases lately? Hung out with blogger friends?

Be sure to check out Janeys finds!

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