Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rummage Sale Finds

On March 9th, I attended the annual Thursday Club Rummage sale. I usually go to this with my dad, but he was convinced I wouldn't wake early the first day, and was busy the second day. So I took up upon myself to go by myself, and I think I did a pretty damn good job with my finds.

Rummage Sale finds

I made a small list of things I wanted, and with the exception of patterns, and hats, I got all I was looking for.

Rummage Sale finds

I really like the handkerchiefs, two of which are silk.

Rummage Sale finds

The necklace is the hardest thing to photograph, but I captured the one important aspect of it. And I grabbed the last buttons at a table. The white ones will go on my Sew for Victory blouse!

Rummage Sale finds

That purse stayed there till I was about to leave, and I spent about an hour in the building, so clearly it was meant for me to have it. The gloves appeared the second time I went round the accessories table, and they fit perfectly. They're Van Raalte, and if I had to guess by the tag, maybe from the mid 1950's?

Have any of you made any happy finds at rummage sales and the like?

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