Link Dump

Hello darling readers! How is 2014 treating you? Well, I hope.
 Here are some links for your reading enjoyment!

Gertie has a couple new patterns out for Spring 2014. I'm most likely going to pick up that lingerie pattern. 

The lovely ladies from Colette Patterns are here to help those of you who have a million sewing projects and no idea how to sort them with The Wardrobe Architect.

 Janey from Atomic Redhead is showing off some super sweet vintage photos with animals in them! It makes me want to start a collection of my own.

 Brittney from VaVoom Vintage helps you lot out who want to make sure you get your vintage dressing look right with a little research.

 Sarah from Ohhh Lulu has created a pattern and supply shop! I am super excited about this. I can't wait to create something from one of her new patterns.

 Do any of you have any links that have recently made you excited?

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