Completed Fall for Cotton outfit

Here is my completed outfit! IMG_0008 I had a lot of fun creating this fun little number. I would love to make another, and soon! I couldn't get anyone to take photos for me, so a tripod and the automatic count down it was. IMG_0003 I love the length on the trousers, even though you can't really see them. I hope to get a family member to take a proper full body picture for me. IMG_0009 My sister told me it looked like I bought the outfit somewhere, and was happily surprised when I said I made it myself. IMG_0010 I am really hoping I can get my hands on some vintage patterns, so I can make more adorable outfits for my wardrobe. Next time I start a sewing project, I'll try to remember to take construction photos. IMG_0011 Alright, time to look through everyone elses awesome outfits! Did any of you participate in Fall for Cotton? Share your outfits with me!

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