Completed Fall for Cotton outfit

Here is my completed outfit! IMG_0008 I had a lot of fun creating this fun little number. I would love to make another, and soon! I couldn't get anyone to take photos for me, so a tripod and the automatic count down it was. IMG_0003 I love the length on the trousers, even though you can't really see them. I hope to get a family member to take a proper full body picture for me. IMG_0009 My sister told me it looked like I bought the outfit somewhere, and was happily surprised when I said I made it myself. IMG_0010 I am really hoping I can get my hands on some vintage patterns, so I can make more adorable outfits for my wardrobe. Next time I start a sewing project, I'll try to remember to take construction photos. IMG_0011 Alright, time to look through everyone elses awesome outfits! Did any of you participate in Fall for Cotton? Share your outfits with me!

Link Dump!

I've decide to at the very least have my weekly link dumps back in rotation on the blog.  Here are some links I've found interesting.

 1. Carey shows us how to blog on the go! Very useful if you were being a good student and didn't think about posting to your blog until you left the house (cough. Doing this in the trolley)

 2. Darling Charley has a tutorial for a super cute side topper hat. I think I'll have to try this one day, I'm severely lacking in hats. 

 3. The lovely Solanah shows off her cute outfit at Disneyland

 4. Sweet Janey also hits up Disneylad, but for Tiki Day!

 5. The fantastic girls at Colette patterns show you how to care for your delicate garments

 What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Lets Fall For Cotton!

Of course it's a sew-a-long that pulls me from the woodwork.
I've decided to join the awesome Fall for Cotton sew-a-long that Tasha and Rochelle are hosting, and I'm super excited for it!
The premise is to create a fall weather outfit from the 20's-70's out of 100% cotton. I figured I needed more 100% cotton garments in my closet, so this was right up my alley.

Feeling I needed some practicality in my life, I've decided to make a blouse, and a pair of trousers.

blouse and trouser

Blouse pattern +

The blouse will be made from Simplicity 1692 in view B. I'll be using polka this blue and white fabric I bought at a school fabric sale a year ago.


The trousers will be modified from a shorts pattern my friend drafted for me. They'll be navy blue twill.
As better seen in this photo


I sought inspiration from the 1940's land girls and farmerettes (much like Rochelle and Tasha did!), and I'm sure I can properly juggle school and sewing time to create this by the deadline.

I wish every one who's doing this sew a long good luck! This is my first one I'm doing within the date, so I'm excited!!

Could you all could be so kind, as to vote for Colette Patterns in the American Made contest? You just sign up to the Martha Stewart site, and vote until the 22nd.


Could someone kindly point me into the direction of some simple HTML tutorials. My blog is desperately in need of a makeover.