Have a Dapper Day.

After an entire year of wishing and waiting, I finally made a simple dream of mine come true, attending my first Dapper Day. With the help of my super sweet friend Malina, I got to visit the Happiest Place on Earth on February 24th dressed in awesome hand-sewn finery.

Dapper Day 1

One of the first things I did, after squeeing with some new acquaintances was jump on the carousel, and take myspace shots of myself.

Dapper Day 2
(Check that poofy sleeve, that was so much fun to sew!)

Dapper Day 3

Dapper Day 4

Our group grew, and I gained a 'Happy Birthday' button from Malina. She figured I needed extra day brightening. and boy was hearing 'Happy Birthday' from castmembers, and complete strangers enough to leave a smile plastered on my face the rest of the day.

Dapper Day 5

Dapper Day 6

We skipped over to Disney's California Adventure, and I was happily surprised! Last times I was there was 2 weeks after the park opened for my birthday, and for Grad Nite. It has certainly changed! It looks more like 1930's/40's LA, and that is a-ok in my book!

Dapper Day 7

WE GOT A PICTURE WITH GOOFY!!! I haven't gotten a photo with a character in ages, so it made me super happy.

Dapper Day 9

Now I convinced my darling cosplay friends to join me in these shenanigans, and they did! First thing Aisha and I did after flailing, is try to get a photo with the ducks, who rudely ran off. So of course, in true Duck couple fashion, we pouted.

Dapper Day 10

And myself with Aisha and Lexi. We went as Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck.

I had an absolute blast! I'm super thankful to Malina for the lovely adventures, and I can't wait till the Fall event.

Spoils of war

And here are my spoils of the day. Only one thing purchased  and that's my silhouette. Ever since my very first trip to Disneyland, I would get a silhouette done. This is my third. (now I think I should make a post with my silhouette in the future)

Have any of you gone to an event where you had an excuse to dress fancy?

PS- those of you who follow me on google reader, remember that it'll be going away in July, and I have a bloglovin. There's a nifty follow button on the sidebar.

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