We all make mistakes

Happy 2013 guys!
I hope everyone's New Year was lovely!

I come bearing (slightly old) photos of something that is totally new to me. Admitting to a mistake.
Remember when I was working on that cardigan? Well, I finished it! And it's very lovely! But, well, it doesn't fit.

Sweater fail

I had printed this pattern out around the time I started knitting, and since then, it's gotten a lot of revisions, and is now even published in a book, with lots of sizing differences. The one I printed out, very clearly wasn't made for a girl with...well boobs. I could get away with wearing it just fine, but there are a couple more problems with it.

Sweater Fail 2

The shoulder fit bugs me to no end. It's really tight no matter what sort of top I wear with it. If I wear a sleeveless, it's fine, but still tight. And I like being able to move my arms.

Sweater Fail 3

The back is actually pretty comfy. When it gets to the part under the ribbing, is where it's all wonky with curling back on itself.

Sweater fail 4

Though, it shapes nicely with my sway back, which is always a good thing. But I'm not too pleased with the cardigan, sadly. (Look at that face, this is the face of a tinyangrycrafter! Ok, I was actually smirking at the neighbor kids)

I'm planning to unravel it, and making something else. Maybe a pullover? Or perhaps a vest?

Have any of you guys happened across any self made objects you weren't fond of?