Simple things

Sometimes, when life comes at you at a million miles an hour, it's best to let yourself get distracted with simple things.


Scribbling out a new knitting project.


Playing one of your silly favorite DS games (after finding your DS after an entire year)

I sadly couldn't make new things for Black Friday/SmallBusinessSaturday/ Cyber Monday, but I'll re post the items in the shop, and have a FREE SHIPPING code!(for US only, sorry)
Thankfully, I have a week off, so I can relax a bit, and work on gifts for my family and friends. That should be fun, I think. Oh, and I'll be writing up some blog posts (hopefully).

How've you all been?

PS- Sooo, who has: Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon White, and Animal Crossing:Wild World, and wants to trade friend codes?

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