Getting some sewing done

I meant to have this up a couple days ago, only to realize I hadn't even written the post. Woopsie!

Well, after buying Gertie's book, I said to myself, I need to make more clothes. I noticed I feel more confident in something I've made, and a confident Carla is the best Carla to be around!  And I've had a few suggestions to show off my sewing on the blog, soo, here we go!


This is the blouse I'm making. It's more a summery blouse, but San Diego doesn't grasp that it's fall, and shouldn't be 80 degrees still. I'm using a blue cotton I bought at Joann's ages ago.

Blouse dart

After I traced the patterns on muslin, I marked all the appropriate things from the pattern piece.

Pseudo Tailors Tacks

I sort-of misread how to properly do tailor's tacks. I would have asked my mom, but she was napping, so I winged it.

Oh, oops

Oops, see the second blue piece of fabric? It's also supposed to have white threads on it as well. But I figured it out in the end. Mom will have to explain again, but I should have made the loopies much longer.


Guys, I don't know why, but I honestly don't mind ironing when it comes to sewing things. I only pull my iron out if I absolutely have to iron out a shirt or pants, but it only stays put till I'm sewing. Do any of you other sewists do the same?

I have the buttonholes in the blouse now, but it was almost impossible to photograph! On the next set of photos, you'll see them!

Are any of you guys sewing anything?

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