Link Dump

Hello darling readers! I’m sort-of back with a nice smattering of links from when I was lazily checking my bloglovin.  (Though I accidently deleted 300+ unread posts, oops. Oh well)

My dear pen-pal, Illona took a visit I’m so happy to have lived through vicariously. She went to the Edward Gorey House! (the last three words are three separate links)

Solonah shows off some work out images from a 1943 book, and boy, do I want those model’s hair styles and outfits!

Have you ever wanted to make your own ‘zine? Well look no further than Kailey’s adorable tutorial! I’m contemplating making one of my own. Now should issue one be of mermaids, or owls?

I want to make all of these travel outfits that Charlotte shows off. Someone, buy me some fabric!

How have you all been? Hope you have a great weekend!

My room is a black hole.

I'm truly convinced it is. It has managed to gobble up my blog scheduler, my camera card reader, my crochet hook I use to make granny squares, all of my written notes for crochet/knitting lessons, numerous socks, etc. I'm sure once I compete in my least favorite Olympic event 'The cleaning of the room', I'll find all these things.

Well, August is now upon us, how was everyone's July? Mine was great. I'll have to recap eventually.
I'm slowly trudging through the fun part of remembering I have school later this month, and am cramming as much hanging out time, and crafting time as I can.

Here, have a hat I'm working on!
I'll toy with the idea of teaser images for some of the new shop items I have planned once I work on prototypes and the like.
I'm also toying with the idea of switching shop sites. The etsy fees I have to pay for not selling diddly squat are a wee bit disheartening. Any suggestions? I was thinking Shopenvy.