Works in Progress

I've been making it very important I'm working on something for these next few weeks, to ensure I'm not vegging out in front of my laptop. I think its working out just fine. So here's some progress from Sunday and Monday.

Wee bit of painting

It's summer (well, technically late spring), and I've got friends asking to borrow my books. Now I don't mind lending them, it's just I've had friends forget they've been keeping my book. My solution, make a million and seven bookplates to remind them, that book isn't theirs!

Sock Progress

I'm still making slow progress on the second sock. I usually will pick it up when I feel like some tiny knitting to calm my nerves.

Cardigan progress

I'm actually much farther along on this. But it's where I was yesterday afternoon. I've made the back, the right side, and this is the left side. I'm sure by the time this publishes, I'll be working on my first sleeve if I pace myself correctly. =D

Bow Production

I've been gathering up stash fabric, and making bow brooches. Well, I think I'll make bow brooches. I'm thinking making them little hair bows if I get my hands on some alligator clips. What do you guys think?

What things are you working on?

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